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About Selnajaya

PT. Selnajaya Prima was established  in 1995 as a local company that provides a wide range of services specialized to Japanese Companies in Indonesia. Selnajaya became part of Faro Recruitment in 2005 and through Faro's global networking in 17 countries with 80 branches all over the world, Selnajaya has become a household name amongst Industrial Recruitment Services, not only to Japanese Companies, but also to the Multi National Companies. We offer a wide variety of Recruitment Services, including Placement, Outsourcing, and Intern provider services, for both Indonesian and foreign workers through the worldwide networking of Faro Groups for various positions in accordance to the client's requirement.

Our teams are divided into two divisions - Japanese Company team and Multi National Company team (MNC), because we know that the culture and concerns of companies from different country of origins are unique to one another. Thus, by dividing our teams, we are able to provide focused services dedicated to serve our clients in staffing solution activities. We also differentiate our company brand name by using "Selnajaya Recruitment" for our Japanese clients, and "Faro Recruitment" for our MNC clients.

With our extensive experience, we have catapulted ourselves to the top of the field in a relatively short period of time, and consequently, the name "Selnajaya" and "Faro Recruitment" has become eminent in both the Japanese and MNC community in Indonesia for excellent business support. We firmly believe that only through providing great services will the company reap the benefits.

Our Global Presence Networking

Take action now. Contact us today!

When you want to make a difference in your career, don't just wait for opportunities to come. Act now and contact us today! We are always ready to help you achieve your goals by matching golden career opportunities with your personal capabilities and skills, thus enabling you to live your dreams and be that one step closer to finding your dream job!
Our professional consultants aim to build an on-going relationship with you throughout your career. They will do their utmost best to match your qualifications with specifications from numerous corporations as these companies rely on us to provide them with the best people to join their teams. We provide positions from the lower up to the higher echelons because corporations know we are capable of selecting the best for them.

Meet your match

You may have all the credentials, skills and aptitude to reach the optimum level in your career, but you haven't. You may wonder whether you are underutilized. If you feel this way, contact us today and fear no longer. Selna provides excellent opportunities for you to meet your match, find your ideal workplace, and achieve your career goals.

Selnajaya Recruitment is not for everybody

Selnajaya Recruitment is for highly motivated, ambitious and skilled professionals who wish to find their match in the corporate world. Our clients come from a diversity of industries including Banking and Securities, Finance and Accounting, Manufacturing, Trading, Hospitality, Insurance, Engineering and Construction etc, and we only select the finest people to fill the best positions. All corporations want the best for their company, and we at Selnajaya provide them with exactly what they want.

Arrange a session with our professional consultants who are experts in the demands of various fields and industries and you might soon find out that you are the one they are looking for!

Competition is tough and tight in today's market and we are ready to give you all the support you need!

If you are ready for the challenge, don't hesitate and contact us now!

If it's to be, it's up to me!


PT OS Selnajaya Indonesia

Head Office
55th Floor Menara Astra.
Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav. 5-6, Jakarta 10220, Indonesia
Tel. (62)-21-50595020

Cikarang Office
Ruko Robson Blok B7-B8
Jl. M. H. Thamrin,
Lippo Cikarang
Tel. (62)-21-8972467, 8972479
Fax. (62)-21-89900040

Karawang Office
Sedana Golf Country Club Blok Kintamani Ruko No. 29
Teluk Jambe, Karawang
Tel. (0267) 8458741/42

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